Episode 19

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11th Aug 2020

Magnificent Mujer Interview Michelle McCurdy

Please tune in to check out Enrique Morone's interview with Michelle McCurdy . Find out how this activist, humanitarian, health advocate who emerged from a family of humanitarian missionaries went from globe trotting child and teen to an activist in her own right dedicating her nursing skills to the Doctors for Camp Closure Mexican Border health initiative. Michelle is a devoted mother, wife, navy reservist, nurse practitioner, community college health advocate, cat lover and is the newest member of the Gente Unida board of directors.

Michelle McCurdy spent her childhood traveling overseas as the daughter of a missionary and humanitarian father who devoted his life to a career with Catholic Relief Services. Michelle didn’t spend much time in the United States growing up outside of a middle school stint on Roosevelt Island in New York and a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin. After college graduation this second generation humanitarian moved to California’s Camp Pendleton to become a navy nurse and then a reservist.

Her passion as an advocate for quality of life issues and access to health for refugee families at the US Mexico border led her to join Doctors for Campe Closure where she is a volunteer nurse. Michelle believes that access to healthcare is a basic human right and is the basis for quality of life. Today she works at San Diego City College at their health center and works with students from all walks of life from all over the world. Michelle McCurdy is also a new part of the Gente Unida team and has recently joined the board.

Doctors for Camp Closure is a non-partisan organization of over 2,200 physicians and healthcare professionals from all specialties who oppose the inhumane detention of migrants and refugees who are attempting to enter the United States of America.


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Buen Hombre
Good Man: Enrique Morones of Gente Unida.net interviews courageous humanitarians weekly.
Enrique Morones is a Human Rights activist born in San Diego to Mexican parents who instilled in him a deep love for Mexico, spiritual faith and social justice. He is driven by the passage “for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink.” Matthew 25:35

Enrique has a history of firsts—In 1998 he was the first person to be granted dual citizenship with Mexico, the first president of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Vice President in Major League Sports with the San Diego Padres bringing the first ever regular season games outside the US/Canada, the President and Founder of House of Mexico and President and Founder of Border Angels (saving migrant lives), an all volunteer group.

Enrique has been featured on NBC, CNN, CBS, BBC, NPR, Univision’s Don Francisco Presenta, Televisa Nacional, Rocio en Telemundo and in countless other international media around the world. He frequently lectures and has more than held his own on shows with Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs. Morones promotes the TRUTH about the migrant community.

As a founder of GENTE UNIDA (a human rights border coalition) in May of 2005, he has led the national effort against the vigilante Minutemen soundly shutting them down in California. He is recognized as one of the 100 most influential Latinos in the USA by HISPANIC BUSINESS MAGAZINE and his recognitions include being FRONTLINE HUMAN RIGHTS international awardee for his lifelong dedication to Human Rights,2009 National Human Rights Award, presented by Mexican President Felipe Caldron, 2010 California Spirit Award, presented, Gil Cedillo, and the Bishop Buddy Alumni award presented by “USD” University San Diego.
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